2017 Holy Land Tour Introduction

Hosted by Rev. Dr. Rom A Pegram,
Co-Hosts Rev. Stan Pegram and Mr. Dave Walker
Greetings and welcome to our 2017 Holy Land Tour BLOG! Myself, my brother Stan, and the Mr. Dave Walker are all excited to get our tour underway come January 7. About 2/3 of our group will be flying out of Dulles on the east coast, while 1/3 of our group will be flying out of O’Hare, meeting up in Istanbul (via Turkish Airlines), then transferring on down to Tel Aviv where we meet our guide–Malcolm David Cartier–and get our ground tour underway.
Between the three of us hosts, we’ll be blogging each day so those loved ones we’ve left back home can keep up with the group, what we’ve done during the day, and what select members of the tour have been up to. We want all involved, and that includes our loved ones, to be enriched by this tour–whether on the tour itself, or keeping an eye on us from back home.
Please pass on the website address: trinitylomira.org/blog so that your friends & relatives can follow us as we tour the Holy Land of Israel in January 2017.

2 Responses to “2017 Holy Land Tour Introduction”

  1. Teresa says:

    Looks Wonderful!

  2. Glenda G. McCracken says:

    Two days until we head out I know my family is hesitant but I feel the Lord leading me to His Holy Land and He is in control. Prayers to all loved ones left behind and may our faith to adventure will lead others to join this tour in two years for what a way to strengthen your faith as well as getting out of our shells (since I love turtles that sometimes is hard to do 🙂 and do His work and not our petty little wishes!! God Bless each and every person who will be following us by blogway!! Love Glenda #2

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