And here we go … on the 2017 Holy Land Tour!

Folks, in about 48 hours from now, we fly both out of Chicago-O’Hare and Dulles International Airports on our way to the Holy Land. We are flying via Turkish Air (rated the #1 airline in Europe for the past few years) through Istanbul (and we stay in the secure area of the airport, so no worries), then transfer down to Tel Aviv for our land tour from there. When we arrive, it will be approximately 9 PM in Israel, then we take about a 2 hour bus trip to the Dead Sea area, arriving late the first night–about 11 PM…
There, we’ll get settled and spend 2 nights at the Dead Sea while we look at areas pertaining mostly to the Old Testament story. Tune back in by next Monday, the 9th, and my brother Stan and I should be doing daily posts by then. We’re going to do our very best to take you to the Holy Land with us–at least virtually. Pray for us as we travel, and know that we’re praying for you back home. May we all be blessed by this incredible experience… Pastor Rom