Sermon Manuscripts (Printable)
“God Loves You!”
04/11/21 “God Loved You Before You Were Even Born!”
04/18/21 “God Carved His Love In Stone!”
04/25/21 “God’s Love Never Quits!”
05/02/21 “God Loves You Even When You Don’t Love Him!”
05/09/21 “God Loves You When He’s Correcting You!”
05/16/21 “God’s Love Will Never Let You Go!”
05/26/21 “God Loves You and Wants You With Him Forever!”
Setting Our Face to Jerusalem
04/02/21 “Listen Closely!”
Acts of God
Rethinking Christmas
Thank You!
Three Quiet Giants
The Power of Words
God Strategies…For Difficult Times
The Cross of Jesus
The Season of Hope
IGNITE: One Life Can Change the World
UNSTUCK Moving Beyond Mediocrity
40 Days With Jesus: A Spiritual Adventure