Trinity United Methodist Cemeteries Associated is the group that maintains the three cemeteries: 
Salem, Ebenezer and Emanuel Cemetery.
Cemetery lots are available in three area cemeteries that are coordinated through our church. These cemeteries were on the properties of churches that eventually closed and combined to form the current
Trinity United Methodist Church.

Salem Cemetery

– The corner of Highway 67 and Third Street. 1070 Church Street in the Village of Lomira. 

Ebenezer Cemetery

– The corner of County KK and Butternut Road. Northeast of Lomira in the Township of Lomira.

Emanuel Cemetery

– Corner of County Y and County AY (Lomira Drive and County AY). West of Lomira in the Township of Lomira.


  • There is a Trustees Board comprised of nine persons who care for the cemetery property and related business. There are multiple representatives for each cemetery. 
  • Lots are available to all members and non-members at all cemeteries. Human remains only. Above ground monuments only. No shrubs or trees are allowed on lots. To keep the cemetery clean, all flowers and memorials should be placed in vases or on top of the monument.  
  • Deeds are presented with each lot after full payment.
  • One body burial and one cremated human remains will be allowed on a single lot. Or, two cremated human remains will be allowed on a single lot. Each burial must pay the perpetual care fee. Perpetual care fees are used to maintain all three cemeteries including lawn mowing, snow removal and planting grass. Family members are responsible for stone maintenance. We have lots available in all three cemeteries and can accommodate multiple lots together.

Rates as of January 1, 2017 are:

Member, lot – $300.00
Member, perpetual care – $300.00
Non-member, lot – $600.00
Non-member, perpetual care – $600.00
To place an urn (cremated remains), please contact one of the committee members. Each urn requires perpetual care.
Member, perpetual care – $300.00
Non-member, perpetual care – $600.00If a member of the Trinity United Methodist Cemeteries Associated digs and buries the urn, there is a $100.00 fee per urn.

Contact the person for each cemetery or you may send an email to the Trinity United Methodist Church office. Church Office Hours are Mon-Fri 9AM-1PM

Contact Information

  • Salem Cemetery:
  • Ebenezer Cemetery:
    • Jan Guell – Phone: 920-948-9410
    • Wayne Flury – Phone: 920-517-1296
    • Dan Michels – Phone:  920-960-3507
    • Jason Ehlert – Phone 920-922-0361

Trinity United Methodist Cemeteries Associated, 300 Church Street Lomira, WI 53048